May 25th, 2016


Two more days

This is day 7 of the living room fix it up. Rumor has it that they'll finish tomorrow. Ran out of materials yesterday so an early end to the workday. I spent yesterday at my daughter's home and didn't come back here till the contractors left.

The plank ceiling is awesome looking as yet unpainted even. Won't be able to get carpet down down till next week, hopeful that it will be Tuesday and then furniture on Wednesday. The whole thing has sent me even closer to the edge of sanity than I was before.

Picked up Anah at school and she spent the entire afternoon in her room as I rattled around their house, alternating reading and playing computer games. She has become totally unreachable. I think it's part being a teen and part the impending move. She seems to be distancing herself already. Gosh it hurts. I know she's hurting too so I don't push her to talk or interact, but I miss the hugs, the long talks. Guess I better get used to it.