May 10th, 2016


Mother's Day etc.

Enjoyed Mother's Day. The food was superb and I didn't have to do a thing. Couldn't help being sad at times thinking about the kids moving away and that this could be the last time we are all together for most of the holidays. Seems like I'm sad way too much of the time these days. 

Erin took me to Columbia where I got my hair cut, we did some shopping, and had lunch with Tracy at a new place, The Upper Crust. Awesome food, will go there again. Tried to look at rugs in Lowe's  down there as its a bigger store with better selection. Spent too much time in the lighting section and had a Panic Attack, but it passed once I got outside. Too much stimulation, can hardly bear to go into Lowe's  anymore. Doesn't matter much as I don't need to shop there often and I can handle the plant section where I do like to go sometimes.

Still waking up crying most mornings. Surely that will go away once the kids are safely ensconced in their new residence.

Pulled up the spinach this morning as it was going to seed. Sorry to see it go. Never had such an abundant spinach crop before. Planted green beans in the raised bed where the spinach had been. Harvesting lettuce and other greens now. Strawberries are blooming and except for a spot in the pea row that got hit by a late freeze, the garden is looking good.

Had 3 inches of rain over the weekend, washed the road out in several places, but filled up the pond.

I'm totally behind on writing the word prompts so will be working to catch up, probably leave out the uninspiring ones.