May 6th, 2016


walk in the park...

My husband just went for a walk in the park. It's a great trail, nicely paved, and well maintained. Before my back injury I walked there with a friend 3 days a week. Though I was never fond of walking as a form of exercise, it was okay because I had someone with whom to talk and the time was enjoyable enough. I don't go there much anymore because walking hurts, but my husband walks and rides his bike there quite often.



Not something I've ever had a lot of, but not something I desire either. Certainly I want to be comfortably well off and not starving, but being super wealthy seems like a hassle. My daughter  says I have an attitude about rich folks. She thinks I'm jealous, who knows, maybe I am. Could be she thinks that because she is marrying a millionaire. Truth be told it's him I don't like, not his financial status that is the issue.