May 2nd, 2016


more than expected + at the top

As Ian faced the tall craggy outcropping a slight breeze lifted his thick dark hair and het tasted the piney smell that drifted down from the heights. Invigorated by images what he might find at the top, he started the ascent. As he climbed, thoughts drifted through his mind, memories, plans, desires and fear. Was this a fools errand?  Could he even make it all the way?

Yet it seemed the task he had set himself became more doable as his steps took him up. Time passes quickly when the mind and  body are both busy and as Ian saw the top of the mountain, so, too was revealed a wisp of smoke that snaked from a small brick chimney. Still there his heart rejoiced as the door of the cabin swung wide and she was there, and she was real and she was smiling. More than he remembered, more than he expected. Home.