April 28th, 2016


garden spirit...

How does one write about magick, how to choose the words to describe something as effervescent and ethereal as a garden spirit challenges this writer. Yet, of course, she who writes will try. She wants to. June it was and the first green beans hung long and slender. A good year for beans.  As the picker sat quietly absorbed in her task the deva assigned to that particular bean patch moved ever closer - fae to human. But not destined to meet, the picker stirred and turned to see a faint glow of green mist then noticing a bean she had missed in her picking moved on.


Contractors, Chaos, Carpet

The contractor I thought I had hired to repair my living room ceiling...
Not on paper old friend no need
Tells my daughter he can't get to it till the end of summer
Uh yeah I was pissed off
Furniture on order May starting date had been confirmed
I should have known
Not my first rodeo
Contractors. ...argh
Not to despair, nephew works at Lowe's
They can do the ceiling
Little town about 22 miles north
Nice little friendly carpet shop
Recommended by BFF
They can do carpet
Brain got chaotic trying to figure
Out who when where
How much?
If the ceiling wasn't starting
A crumbling descent
I'd have blown the whole thing