April 26th, 2016



this prompt has held me up for days so I'm now way behind.  I'll probably write some short stupid stuff just to catch up. 

Science with its many branches explores the mysteries of the Universe then spawns technology.

I am  totally uninspired by science though I do benefit from its discoveries. I'm on the fence about certain technological advances and there are days I want to be a caveman or woman.


it is elegant...

At the edge of town stands a lovely old house, mellow yellow brick and white columns, topped by a small turret overlooking a subdivision where once there were only trees. A trip up the front steps, cracked and badly chipped, leads to double doors, not locked. The door swings open to reveal the awesome curving staircase and nearly intact chandelier. Ragged strips of flocked wallpaper stir in the faint breeze. Sad to see the beauty diminished by time. Stories that the house is haunted are a part of local folklore. I like to think they are true and that beautiful people fill the house at night and then it is elegant once again.


a house in the country...

Always wanted a house in the country far away from other folks, ringed by trees, a sanctuary for humans and animals as well . Forty-six years ago I moved away from town and I've never once considered moving back. It's great to get what you want sometimes.


a law student + sick in bed

Tuesday morning, John, a law student, woke up feeling really bad. His head hurt, his stomach was upset, and no way did he feel like sitting in a classroom listening to one of his professors ramble on about some insignificant point of tax law. He quickly opted to spend the day sick in bed. The end.