April 20th, 2016


Rainy day

Today is shaping up to be a writing/reading/knitting day. I am pleased that we are getting some sky water. The gardens needed it. One can water and water, but it doesn't make plants grow like the stuff from the sky.

Last evening I got one row of the beets thinned. There was one space about 10 inches where nothing sprouted do this rainy day would go a good one to replant that area. Should be able to do that as its next to the strawberries where there is straw on which to walk.

Thinking about making asparagus soup. I'm cutting it every day now.

So far I've done nothing much, rainy days make me want to wrap up in x blanket and read. I went back to good old Inspector Banks. Erin and Anah are driving out to Ohio to check out the school as well as the house. Only a couple of months until they move. I'm doing well most of the time, though I cry most mornings.

I think I'll search out something to do, like get dressed...I don't want to start thinking.


a portrait...

A portrait is defined as a likeness of a person with the emphasis on the face.  Portraits have most likely existed as long as the human species and are certainly evident in the art of ancient Egypt. Portraits can be drawn carved, painted, molded ad id. Most relevant in this journal entry seems to me that a portrait can be drawn in words, creating by description an enduring likeness with as much power as an oil painting.