March 18th, 2016


Need to chill...

I had expected repercussions from my husband's removal of the house phone. It's the one we give out in  every business transaction. And voila this morning as Lowes wasn't able to reach us via phone yesterday they arrived at 9ish. I had been up since 5, but seem to have fallen prey to a virus of some kind and felt like crap. Was sound asleep in the recliner. In the span of less than 10 minutes Joe and I got everything out of the old fridge. Lowes guys bring in new one. I begin to return stuff to the new one only to discover how much the interior dimensions have shrunk. Much bigger freezer  (which I don't need ) and smaller below. This situation will take adjustment on my part.

And there were two nicks and a scrape on the front. I go to Lowe's to discuss this and come away with what looks like white nail polish with which, says the nice lady at Lowe,'s I can cover up the flaws on the new fridge. It worked reasonably well.

Everything has been successfully been ensconced in the fridge. Most of it got in, it was a good time to pitch some ancient items,

I did a little primal scream therapy but stopped because it scared the animals and it made my throat even more scratchy.

Decided  something useful was in order so I vacuumed the cat tree.

I really just wanted to rest today and get rid of this raspy throat.

"You don't always get what you want, but if you try, sometimes you get what need."
Rolling Stones

And I'm grateful that when the Lowe's guys showed up that I was dressed,