March 16th, 2016


Direct opposites...

My husband and I are direct opposites. Even if he agrees with me on a issue, he will take a stand on the opposite viewpoint. In spite of or perhaps because of this facet of our relationship, we've been married over 40 years and friends for years before marriage. Is it as they say, "opposites attract?" I don't have the answer to that.


I Be Weary

Yesterday I reached max output of physical and emotional energy while trying to put the kitchen back together.  I just kept going because I wanted it done so badly. Was sick most of the night, but awakened feeling better and wiped down the tile work in the morning. Then I scrubbed the shelves that hold my vintage teapots. It was practically an embarrassment how dirty they were. Accomplished that task, took a bath and a short nap and got dinner in the oven. As I hobble about I vow to take a day off tomorrow, to read and lie if I can just avoid those teapots that beg a good washing...