February 21st, 2016


Apple tree...

Just down the road a bit and around the bend there was once an apple tree, a very old tree that grew in the back yard of an old farmhouse. I used to walk that way quite a bit and for a few years the house sat empty so I'd grab an apple or two to munch on as I walked. They tasted like Jonathan's and we're so very good, the kind of apple  with just the right mix of tart and sweet and juice that ran down your chin. A couple of years ago someone moved into the old house, fixed it up nicely. I never knew if they harvested the apples or not, and eventually I wasn't able to walk that far on the gravel road, but i did miss those apples. Then last year the whole house burned to the ground. We came home down that road yesterday and it was sad to see the blackened timbers and the apple tree wasn't far from the house. Right now it looks totally dead, but I hold onto the hope that it's roots are deep and in spring it will show some signs of life.