February 18th, 2016


To the Elms...

Off to spend some time with daughter #2 at The Elms in Excelsior Springs, MO. http://www.elmshotelandspa.com/?WT.srch=1&WT.mc_id=PPC2P&DCSext.ppc_kw=the+elms+hotel+and+spa&ppc_ac=Brand&ppc_ag=Brand+Exact&ppc_mt=Exact&platform=t....

We've been hoping there for a number of years. It's not far, less than 2 hrs via a  2 lane highway dotted with tiny towns and bordered with lots of flat farm fields.  Not a stunning landscape but a familiar one and notso bad in winter when there isn't do much farm machinery chugging up the road oh so slowly.  It gives us time to talk which is great.

I'm very grateful that she wants to spend time with me and that we can still enjoy each other's company. We don't do much, a quick look at the shops downtown, some hot tub, sauna, facials, and lots of reading.

Today is an easy day to see the many blessings in my life and to appreciate them.

A big thank you to the Universe for this gift.


Play a game

I turned on my tablet to play a game and then remembered I had not done my word prompt for today. The connection in this old stone building is iffy, reminds me of dial up and I am disinclined to write much. I don't play many online games probably because I'm not very good at them, but I'm a bit of a sucker for word games. I also seem to have forgotten to pack a stylus which makes typing even more difficult than usual. Maybe my fingers are too fat.