February 17th, 2016


Digging for treasure

Let us go digging for treasure.
On an island far out in the sea
Where the palm trees dance in the sunlight
and the sand is warm on our toes
You take the shovels.
I'll take the map.
And we'll sail a seaworthy vessel
and leave all our troubles behind.
We won't care if we find nothing
for the joy will be in the game.
And the thrill will make us feel
happier than we can ever feel today.


Dancing. ..

Dancing will forever be linked to the Grateful Dead in my mind. I spent many summers on tour following them from state to state, venue to venue stuffed into a van full of smelly happy hilarious hippies, living on a shoestring, selling tie dyes to buy gas to get from place to place. I love the freedom of the road, I love the music, but most of all I love the dancing. Back then I could dance all night weaving my way through the crowd, twirling, leaping, dancing.