February 5th, 2016


An issue I care about. ..

There are far too many issues aboutwhich I care to choose just one. I care about labeling GMO foods. We, the consumer have a right to know what we are putting into our bodies and the corresponding choice that label offers.

I care about the stupidity and futility of war, about the deaths of innocent people engineered by greedy, power mad politicians.

I care about the legalization of cannabis. No one should be denied medicine to ease their pain, stop their seizures, and soothe their PTSD.  Alcohol, a drug that causes death and destruction is legal, yet cannabis, which has never caused a single death is not. This is wrong and I care and want to see it changed.

I care about hungry babies, homeless veterans, refugees and victims of human trafficking, about those who have no access to education, and those who have no clean water nor adequate medical care.

I care about the destruction of the environment, pollution of the oceans, the lead contamination in Flint, Michigan, deforestation in the Amazon, and loss of animal species.

In today's world it's not hard for me to find an issue to care about. Issues abound. Yet it's very hard to know how to heal these issues.