February 3rd, 2016


It is red

Sunrise and sunset
Garnets in my ring
My kitchen aid mixer
My leather gloves
The comforter on the bed
Roses  in the herb garden
The tshirt my husband wore when our daughter was born
Valentine's hearts

Red was once a favorite color to wear when my hair was dark, but not so much anymore. Red feels like the color of life, vibrant, bold life...now I wear purple.


Chimney mosaic

Trying to finish the mosaic on the chimney before the kitchen remodel. Discovered the grout was almost dried up, added some water. Husband added more water and then it was too runny, slowly it's getting back to I hope what will be a usable consistency. So, no grout, decided to fill in areas that need it. I can only work as high as the flue opening as well are getting a new store and the flue pipe is much smaller. Had thought I'd get more done today but yesterday's session has made my back quite sore so I may have to wait. I do like the way it's coming together.