January 29th, 2016



A long time ago when we first moved into our house we used a wood burning stove as our only heat source in the winter. When it was super cold we would pile up sleeping bags and pillows around the stove in the kitchen and the girls and I would sleep there all night, warm and cozy. Later we added a cute little parlor stove in the living room. I loved to watch the flames dance through the tiny  isinglass windows. During a huge remodel we changed the living room into two bedrooms and added a sunroom/living room with passive solar features so no more parlor stove. The kitchen stove still remains replaced by a much more efficient model, but still keeping us warm in winter. Yes, we now have a fancy furnace with a heat pump, but it will never feel as good as coming in from outside and standing by the wood stove to chase away the chill. The stove is the heart of the house and even when there is no fire in it folks are drawn to it and stand close by as if they can feel the warmth.