January 16th, 2016


Eyes that can't see

The words, eyes that cannot see immediately bring to my an image of Jerome, my oldest granddaughter's  partner in life. Blinded in one eye by a fishing hook when he was a small child, he adapted well as children often do. In his early 20's he was shot in the head and lost the sight in his other eye. Totally blind then, he became depressed, angry, and very anxious. Then he hooked up with my granddaughter, also disabled by chronic Lyme disease and together they have made a good life for both themselves and her first son plus their own 6 year old. She encouraged him to seek out all the assistance he could get and he learned Braille and other skills. Now he never ceases to amaze me. He can do things I wouldn't even attempt with two seeing eyes. He built a chicken house, several raised beds, and an aquaponics system. He walks his son to school, cooks when Amanda is too ill to do so. By knowing him and witnessing that someone with eyes that can't see is capable of accomplishing so many things, I realize that I, too, can do many things of which I have only dreamed.



Big plans are afoot here on the farm to renovate the living room. I love this room. We added it to the existing structure in 1992. It's a big room stretching 36' x 14', facing south with atrium doors and big windows with passive solar so the sun streams in during winter and it's cool and shady in summer. With the help of friends and family we built it ourselves. '92 was the year my husband had cancer and w got it finished just in time for his return home from the hospital. In '98 I bought new furniture and I still love it especially the color,aubergine, not quite purple, but close. But, alas, grandchildren, dogs, cats, and people of all sizes have taken their toll and it's looking pretty shabby. Everything I mention renovation, the grandkids wail and moan. They don't want it changed. But, I'm pretty sure the armistice going to fall off the couch, just hope it hangs on till spring.

Two years ago we had a huge snow which created an ice damage and a lot of ceiling damage. Seems like it's time to face it, it's got to be fixed before it falls in.

I'll really miss the rug and fear I'll never find another aubergine couch, but change is an inevitability in life. I'll still have the windows after all.