January 3rd, 2016


Suitably Warm

22° F outside is definitely not suitably warm, and I was up way before dawn so opted to pile on more clothes, turn up the thermostat and put another log on the fire. Thus I achieved a suitably warm status. Now the sun is up and streaming through the south windows that make up the entire wall in the living room and I'm reversing the process of layering up to get back to being suitably warm.


Candy Apple Red

My first husband and I used to go to a lot of car shows way back in the mid 60's, and it was there I first saw a car painted in candy Apple red. Oh so shiny, oh so very very red. Up till then I'd always been fondest of blue cars, but that changed when I saw that car. In 1964 we bought a red (though not candy apple) 427 Ford. We were also into drag racing and I loved driving that powerful beast, I surely did.


I didn't go there

I thought about going to the YMCA today to watch my granddaughter and her mom at work on Anah's science fair project. It's quite the deal involving folks walking on treadmills and recording their weight, BP, oxygen saturation, target heart rate, recovery time etc. I've forgotten the term they use, it's not hypothesis though, but another word describing what they are trying to prove.  I think the premise has something to do with the effect of exercise on fitness. Obviously I haven't been listening closely enough when they explain it to me. Erin told me I would probably be bored so I just didn't go there.