December 28th, 2015



Sipping on a cup of chai and looking at my paper journal from January of this year. I am grateful that I don't seem to be worse than I was a year ago. I think that my pain might be less. I still can't walk or be on my feet for any length of time without hurting so bad I have to sit down, but I am still able to cook now and again. I've managed to force myself to see an allopathic physician and have an xray and an MRI, thus obtaining a diagnosis as desired by my daughter the nurse. I'm still working on accepting the limited scope of what I can do without causing pain. I have never tried the narcotics that the doctor prescribed. Really, who needs an addicition, even at my age? So, I hurt.

My marriage is going well. I mean like I get spontaneous hugs once in a while. Unheard of last year or for the all the many years preceding that. My husband is a good man, a great provider... but he is not touchy feely, nor I like it that he is softening up.

I can't decide whether or not to start a paper journal. I stopped in June 2015. I've been journaling a long time, but am quite random in managing a whole year. I might benefit from a paper journal as I usually don't put a lot of personal stuff on this one any more. I figure that I would embarrass myself by whining too much.

If I could have any wish for the coming new year, it would be for my creative energy to revive. If it doesn't I can always knit. I've been a bit inspired about making dolls due to reading about and seeing the cute dolls made by susandennis. I tend to sit and read a lot.

But, after I finish this entry I'm going to go cast on a hat for my donation project as I don't have very many of them made to send to the reservation.

Wishing everyone all the best in 2016...May HOPE blossom in our hearts and may we believe in the Magick of LOVE.