November 22nd, 2015


50 Day Meme Challenge - 2015

1. What are your nicknames? What do you prefer to be called? As a child I was called Lainey, still have a friend who addresses me in that way. When I was on the road with the Grateful Dead, I was call Mama Mogumbo or sometimes just Mama MO. At a Rainbow Gathering in North Carolina (sometime in the mid 80's) I gained the nickname of "Rolling Noodle" after producing enough noodles to feed 200 people and rolling them all out by hand using a can. My younger grandchildren call me Mooma or just Moo. My name is officially Marie Elaine and I used my middle name throughout most of my life. I find it confusing when I have to answer to something and someone uses my first name, it's pretty alien to me as a sobriquet. Online I've have a number of nicknames, Woodhippie, Rose and most often Rosegardenfae. Which do I prefer? I'm most comfortable with Mooma at home and Elaine in public. I like my name and don't know many other women with that name.
Thanks to egg_shell in whose blog I came upon this idea.