November 6th, 2015



Right before Halloween my regular Wednesday group of old lady friends and I had lunch at Nikki's house. I was totally impressed with her table setting.Her whole house was decorated. She is very good with that sort of thing.

I did manage a few decorations inside this year, nothing outside though.

Halloween night was  quiet and the gathering relatively small. I was wowed by my grandson, David,  who came as Will Riker from SNG. He hasn't dressed up in years so it was a HUGE surprise to us all and he looked really great.

His sister, Amanda, resurrected some of my old SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism) garb and looked absolutely adorable.

At the last minute I threw on some makeup and some tie dye. I rather felt a grown up Cindy Lou Who. Granddaughter, Lainey, who is now as tall as me (sez the incredible shrinking woman) was dressed as some sort of Pokemon creature about which I know nothing.
Halloween used to be such a big deal with my family and it's really rather sad to see it falling away. Only a few grandchildren are still young enough to care about trick or treating and I quit going out long ago. I do have a lot of great memories of the haunted housese we built and of the costume shop that Nikki and I operated. Everything changes, that's for certain and one must roll with it. I'm not rolling well today, I hope that doesn't mean I'm becoming square.