October 15th, 2015


Health Issues

After a year or so of putting drops in my eyes to correct the high pressures of glaucoma, it was time for a new approach. So, laser surgery is the next step in what I am thinking is going to be a lifelong process. So, yesterday got the right eye done. It was a simple quick process with no discomfort. As is usual, the waiting to be seen took longer than the procedure. After a series of drops that numbed the eye and constricted the pupil, he inserted a lens through which he directed the laser. I saw some flashes of light and after 100 flashes, oh make that 101...I forgot he accidentally did an extra one, I was done. Had to wait 30 more minutes that turned into 45 to have another pressure check and then good to go. Return in two weeks to see if was a success and schedule left eye. Walked outside and whom the lsunlight felt like a knife stab. No one warned me about that. Today my eye is sore, still a bit light sensitive but much better. Sure hoping this works.

The week before I saw a spinal specialist about the hideous back pain I've had or oh so long. Talk about a wait. He was running behind and we sat in the waiting room for an hour and a half. After that things moved swiftly. They did X-rays, he did an exam including awkward stuff like walking on my toes and heels. The toes weren't bad, but walking on my heels wasn't much fun. I was surprised and delighted to find I can still easily touch the floor. I've avoided bending over for a long time as it irritates my back. And at least now I have a diagnosis, something my children deemed necessary. Spondyliothesis and idiopathic scoliosis...gotta love those big words. Basically a disc is slipped to the side and I was born with the scoliosis and diagnosed as a child.

He prescribed a narcotic for the pain, I'd have to be screaming with agony to take it and a topical that has ketamine in it. I will I think try the ointment if it gets really bad, but frankly the thought of ketamine is a tad scary, that is powerful stuff. I go back next week for an MRI. Perhaps then he will have a plan. I did like him, a plus in my book and feel he is quite good in his field. I've been doing the exercises he recommended, mostly core strengthening with some yoga thrown in, some of them I've done for years anyway.

Getting older is certainly a challenge. I feel like all I've done lately is drive to the city to see doctors, but hopefully there will be a positive outcome to all of it.

I'm most grateful to the two daughters who have been going with me. One of them is a nurse and very helpful in remembering and translating the medical jargon. The other one is just a sweetheart and great emotional support. I'm quite proud of myself for actually going through with it all as I have a horrid fear of doctors in general.

Grateful for good old Medicare for paying the bills.
Grateful that I'm not really ill just a little screwed up.
Appreciate that my girls take me out to lunch every time and insist on driving me down there.

It's good to be loved.

Love someone today ... Guaranteed to feel good.