September 23rd, 2015


Something there is....

that doesn't want me to post to LJ. Yesterday I couldn't get logged in on my iPad and today it isn't showing my journal at all. I suppose I'll have to uninstall the app or something else I'd rather not have to do in order to get it working again. I was too tired to get out the laptop last night and so last night's entry is lost, not that it matters. I think I was going to post things about me. My mind isn't going in that track today so I'll just stick in a picture of an entry from my Art Journal, it's dated May 5 so it's obviously been a while since I've been regular with that journal. I did sketch a couple of ideas for future entries yesterday and today, but it may take a while to get around to them. Still involved in beading a bracelet. It's rather a mess, but after all it is the prototype, the first of it's kind from my hands so it can be allowed some flaws. It's all a learning process anyway.

And, I reached the yoke on my sweater, both sleeves are attached, so it won't be long till it's finished. I sure do hope it fits as I am liking it quite a lot.

Granddaughter is recovering nicely from the concussion. Back to school this week.

And my husband and baked an apple pie today He peeled the apples while I made the crust. One thing we can do is work together nicely.

The weather has turned to hot again and I'm not liking that much, prefer having the house open, but turned the a/c back on last night as it was too hot in here to sleep.

OH, and lest I forget I made an appointment with a spine specialist for October 6. At least I will get a diagnosis and then I'll know better what I should and should not be doing. I hope I like the doctor. I am so not good at going to see new ones. He was recommended by my primary care doc so hopefully he will be knowledgeable and likable. I find it difficult, if not impossible to receive healing from people I don't like. If there's not energy exchange it just doesn't seem to work. But, I will try to remain positive.. try being the operative word in that sentence. :)

I appreciate the smell of baking apples.
I am grateful that Anah is doing so well.
I am grateful for the way the sun makes shadows on the living room floor.

Happy Equinox...may you be blessed