August 2nd, 2015


Grandgirls Went to Camp

Anah and Lainey are just back home from a 6 day camp experience in the Southern part of our state. They went last year and had a marvelous time so back again they went. Last year they were in the same cabin, but that did not happen this year due to their current ages. The adults all thought that might be good in that they would make some new friends and not just hang out with each other. It did not seem to make any difference in their enthusiasm for returning again next year. As to whether or not they made friends, I have yet to see either of them and I didn't ride downt to pick them up as I had done last year. Their mothers said they talked non stop for the first hour, then they stopped to eat and after that started to slow down. They are still tired today, but I think that Anah will be out later. Probably won't see Lainey until Monday.

The camp has a lot of animals in residence, rescue dogs and cats, llamas, a Finnick fox (sp?) and lots of other types of creatures. The campers tend to the animals while they are there which I think is a positive aspect of the place. When our children were at home, we had goats, horses, rabbits and the odd chicken or so. Gave them a good dose of responsibility, those goats had to be milked no matter what.    

There's also a zip line which last year was a big hit as well as art, archery....lots more.

I only ever went to Camp Fire Girls Camp in a cabin that was located on the grounds of our local park, so not very far. Our girls went to 4-H Camp and Camp Fire Girls Camp, both of those a bit further afield. I'm very grateful that they have had the opportunity to have this experience. I can see that their mother's were both glad to have a bit of summer time to themselves, one went off a hiking adventure even further South and the other one took me to The Elms, a lovely old spa hotel a couple of hours away. I'll blog about that later I hope.

Just a couple of pics from camp time....Lainey seems quite taken aback at the prospect of touching the tarantula but she eventually held it and Anah looks quite at home with the dog, her favorite animal.