June 24th, 2015


A Walk Around the Farm

We had one day of sunshine and it was wonderful. So, I went out and took some pics of how things are growing around here. In spite of the loss of the garden in front of the old horse barn, the plants in the yard are doing well and the raised beds are good too.
Cut this huge cabbage a couple of days ago, amazing how beautiful cabbage plants can be

I'm surprised and elated that the succulents are doing so well, thought maybe it would be too much rain and they would turn to mush

Got some celery transplanted and moved to the deck and it's along side the basil which really looks beautiful

The Prairie Coneflowers are blooming and the butterflies love them

And the bottle tree garden has really had some nice blooms as well

The tomatoes are setting on nicely though the plants aren't very tall. Poor things I do wish they had some sunshine. We're going to dig a few potatoes today and see if they have produced anything down there in the mud. The sweet potatoes seem to be surviving if not thriving and we do have a few green beans coming up at last. I pulled a huge bunch of carrots and there are many more of those.

The day started out with some sun but now it's cloudy again. So it goes, some years wet, some years dry.

I'm grateful that we do have the raised beds and they have done well.
I appreciate that I was able to get in the pool yesterday.
I'm grateful to be having lunch with friends today.

Hope there's some sunshine in your life today!