May 28th, 2015


Peacepole Complete

At last the first of 3 planned peacepoles is finished and in place. Very grateful to hubs for mounting it for me. Yesterday was bi-weekly lunch and Nikki brought her pole to show us how it looks finished. She is also planning to make more.

I wish I had taken a picture of hers too, but wasn't feeling well yesterday and mostly just sat with a blank look on my face or at least that's what it felt like. I haven't felt good for several days which I find quite irritating as there is so much I'd like to be doing.

The strawberries are starting to ripen and they are lovely, HUGE even.. all that rain has been good for them.

Made an awesome spinach/strawberry salad with a balsamic reduction dressing and candied pecans.. oh my, it was soo good.. perhaps too good. I overate and was up all night eliminating the salad from my body. Tasted so much better going down. That was Wednesday night when I got no sleep, so yesterday at our biweekly luncheon I was not the best of companions and came home and fell asleep at something like 6:30 and amazingly slept till 6 this morning. Of course, now I feel groggy from all the sleep and have a lot to do, but instead of doing it am writing here.

Anah is here, unable to go to summer school as she has been sick all week, starting to feel better, but still not 100%.

Somehow I forgot to shut my closet door and one of the cats wreaked havoc, pulling clothes off the hangers and knocked over my toolbox. Now there are hundreds of tiny screws and nails all over the floor. Well, it needed cleaning and straightening any way, so my work is cut out for me in that room. I think I'll do that this afternoon when it's supposed to start raining again. I'd like to get out and pull a few weeds this morning.

I'm really pleased with the succulent area on the east side of the house and have been spending my weeding time over there trying to keep it look nice so some of the other areas are getting run over with weeds so I'm going to force myself to move to the west side of the house and the brick patios. I don't remember a year with so much rain in quite a while and I am grateful for it, but not so much for the weeds.

I'm grateful for all the help I get from Joe.

I'm grateful for my good old friends who accept me no matter how I am.

I appreciate finally getting an entry done for LJ.

I am grateful for all the great produce the rain has helped to grow.

May be all be blessed today and every day.