May 22nd, 2015


Today's Card and other stuff

Creativity... yes..I worked on the peacepole, almost finished, hopeful to get it done tomorrow..

What you think is relevant to what develops in your day... your life etc. Abraham/Hicks wold certainly go along with that. Had a visit from an high school classmate and discovered she is well versed in the Abraham dialogue, even been to several of their lectures.

The energy of the Magician showed up in my day in a number of ways. It's a great card with a lot of masculine energy and is one of the Major Arcana or "trumps" in a Tarot deck so has a little more "whammy" than the pip cards. Glad I drew this one today.

I was two hours late to the classmate breakfast this morning. I was busy painting and spaced out the time, kept thinking I'd just blow it off, but really did want to see Janet again in a smaller group setting than our 50th reunion had been.So I finally drove into town and they were just leaving so we got to connect. Although we were not friends in high school, we did hit it off well at the reunion and I am interested in getting to know her better, especially now that I know we do have a number of common interests, such as Tarot. She and her sister, who lives in the small town nearby, came to visit me for a short while this afternoon which was quite nice. I got an invite to a women's group get together in October. Rather exciting to think of that.

I have so many things for which I am grateful..good health, a loving family, clean water, a life in a safe place, financial security, a kind husband.. and so much more

Life is abundant...