May 18th, 2015



Inspired by egg_shell I using this format for some of my posts.. List 7 things you do, 7 things you see, 1 thing you hear and a picture you have drawn.

7 Things I Did Today

1. Went out and bought some more succulents..and got them all potted
2. Divided the aloe vera and distributed them in various spots in the succulent garden.
3. Weeded the back of the herb garden.
4. Made and ate tuna salad
5. Talked to my daughter #2 on the phone
6. Took a shower, definitely needed one after all that weeding.
7. Cleaned up and organized the potting shed.

7 Things I Saw

1. Two of the poppies are open.. wow
2. 3 of my wind chimes need repairs
3. clear blue sky for the first time in 4 days
4. the cats and dog sleeping in the floor
5. my daughter who came by for a few minutes this afternoon
6. some cushions I think I want for my metal patio chairs
7. that my herb garden is being swallowed up by poison ivy

I heard a wide variety of birds singing and as always wished I could identify all of them but never take the time to learn

a picture