May 11th, 2015


Mother's Day

I had a most enjoyable Mother's Day and one of the greatest things about it was that I was invited out and didn't have to entertain all 20 of my family members at my house. Breakfast was Erin's and she served this fruit concoction all done up in a a nifty design... crust made of granola, then a honey sweetened yogurt layer and then fruit. I ate a lot. It was awesome.

plus she had made a frittata with asparagus from the garden and some other yummy veggies. It was all simply delicious and all I had to do was show up and eat. Any time I can get good home cooked food I am gonna show up.

Mid afternoon all 20 of us descended on Rogie's house. She served a variety of grilled meats and all the sisters brought side dishes. Husband made home made ice cream and Rogie had baked a cake, a different sheet cake recipe made with coconut milk - she found it on FB :) It had cream cheese icing which for me makes just about anything taste good.

We had one minor freak out when Josiah, the youngest great grandson, took off for parts unknown, but he was quickly apprehended and brought back into the fold.

Everyone was low key, could have been the weather which was rainy. We got hit by a bit of a thunderstorm with some wind, but none of the little kids got scared and it passed quickly.

I love all my gifts...the headband thing might become a standard look for summer, got another one from daughter #2

This one is quite soft though it tends to ride back on my head and make me look a bit pin-headed. I need to look and see if I have a bobby pin, that might keep it where I want it.

It's been awfully chilly outside today, but I did cut a large bowl of mixed greens. The rain has made them double in size practically overnight. The asparagus is slowing down some. I hope it is just resting as I 'd like to cut it till mid-June. I'm quite greedy when it comes to asparagus.

I'm grateful for rain.

I appreciate all of my daughters.

I am grateful for all the things my husbands does to keep the farm going.

"God is alive" "Magic is afoot"...Buffy Ste Marie