May 8th, 2015


Eye Doc Appt

Today was totally absorbed by my appointment at the ophthalmologist. 45 minute drive to his office, lots of waiting, tests..more waiting and finally meet the doctor. I really like him, very kind, informative and knowledgeable. And good news. Pressures still a little high, but no damage to my vision..hooray!!

So, go back in 3 months, check pressures, then another 3 mos. and then we'll talk about laser surgery. I'd certainly like to get off the drops. They burn and make my eyes very dry. At least they've made my eyelashes get thicker.

Met a charming woman in the waiting room who loved to talk so the time passed quickly. Interesting to happen on a stranger with whom I had much in common, even graduated from high school same year.

Had a great lunch with two of my girls and got home around 4. Was exhausted and...oops..fell asleep till 8. Should be an interesting night, hope I can get back to sleep at some point.

Anah's spring dance was tonight. She says she will remember it forever. Hoping to get more details tomorrow.

I'm grateful for the good news from the eye doctor.

I appreciate my youngest daughter fir taking me to the appointment.

Really grateful that my pupils are back to not like having them dilated.

I am grateful that we got some rain.

Life is good.