April 27th, 2015


Taking Time to Write

When I started up at LJ again, I stopped writing in my paper journal and now I am seeing that I put off writing in LJ so I'm going to try to do better at that. I have been faithful to my Gratitude Journal so it contains some info about what's going on in my life. Truly, there's not much going on. This time of year is all about getting outside and working as long as I can to get things in shape out there.

But I have done other things.. let's see.. watched some movies with my youngest daughter. Was quite impressed with "Instellar", probably because it expresses the notion of time in much the same way I have long thought about it. Then there was "Wild" which made me wonder why I spent the time to watch it. I simply could not engage with the main character, did not identify with her struggle and basically just didn't like her. We also watched a few episodes of "Turn", set in Revolutionary War time frame and focusing on spies, not bad. Daughter loves it, I'm not that into it.

On rainy days, I've been reading a lot. Just started the series of mysteries/police procedural novels written by Peter James. I really like them, well written. I sailed through the first one and now must wait till Wednesday when the next in the series arrives. I much prefer to read a series in order. Also read "Picnic at Hanging Rock," an Australian novel written in the 60's and set in 1900. Engaging enough, but not first class. There's also a movie from the book made in 1975 which I may try to find, just to see what they did with the story.

Yesterday took a quick trip to the Earth Day celebration in Columbia, MO. At least I was out in the fresh air without having to work, but there were too many people, too much commerce and it wasn't much fun. Used to go every year, but like so many things, that has changed.

It's sunny today and hopefully warm enough soon to get outside as I need to trim some roses. Yesterday I replanted some spots in the spinach bed where the seeds had not sprouted, found a couple of celery plants coming up (woo hoo) and pulled enough radishes for our evening salad. The rain on Friday did so much for the garden. You can water and water and things stay alive, but there's nothing like rain to make plants happy.

Found my garden shoes...somehow they were stored in the garden shed and not in the house..

The succulents that I put outside survived the cold snap..
will be glad when chance of frost is over as I'd like to get the rest of them outside.

The candytuft has been spectacular this year, spilling out of the bed onto the lawn..
and the blue and white violas I dug up from a creek bank years ago have put on quite a show this year. I just love these tiny flower and wait for them every year.
I did once know what they're called, but that file seems to have been deleted..

Our old Troybilt tiller finally gave up the ghost, it was after all 40 years old, but some good friends recently moved to town and they sold us theirs at a reasonable price. Both those tillers have done a lot of work, they just don't make em like they used too!

I am grateful we got the new (to us) tiller.

I appreciate all the work my husband does in the garden.

I am grateful for my family and appreciate their successes in life.

I appreciate being able to grow food for us to eat.

I am blessed...I bet you are too!