April 12th, 2015


Movie Day

The weekend was incredibly busy. Oldest daughter is now safely ensconsced in her new home. Daughter #2 was here all weekend to help with the move and Anah had a roller skating party for her birthday. I did not attend the party:), no way is this old lady getting on skates ever again. We met up after the party for a nice dinner.

On Saturday, I pulled the leaves off the hosta bed and was rewarded by a number of shoots and a few random columbine. Early last fall I was at Lowe's and they had hostas for $1, I went a bit mad and bought quite a few to fill in the spots where the original plants had not yet spread to. So, I'm feeling lovely that they are returning. They got quite a good start off as we had a long wet fall so good conditions for some decent roots to bring them through the winter.

Woke up to a nice rain this morning and enjoyed some time with daughter #2, both of us reading, saying something now and again and then reading. She left to go home and do laundry..and I took an early morning nap, woke up feeling refreshed and decided it was time to catch up on some movies. I watched "Predestination" with Ethan Hawke. It was an ok movie, nothing special and somewhat confusing, but then stories about time travel can get confusing more often than not. I liked the other one I watched much better, "The Imitation Game." Based on the true story of Alan Turing, it offers a view of Britain's maneuvering in WWII and a number of events that were unfamiliar to me. It is well done and has a good cast. I've come to enjoy that fellow, Benedict Cumberbatch, the star of the film as well as the lead in the series "Sherlock." And really now, his name is totally awesome.

I nearly completed a hat while the movie watching was going on so that's a plus. And, painted the Spanish side of the Peace Pole. I need to go back and do a lot of touching up on the Arabic. Before I do another one I want to acquire an angle brush and all of mine have disappeared.

During a break in the rain I walked around and checked out the raised beds, the new ones is all alive with little sprouts now, beets, chard, lettuce...sun tomorrow will bring up more. I had a lovely salad for lunch with lettuce given to me by a friend who has a covered raised bed and had planted this lettuce on Thanksgiving. It was so delicious.

So now it's time to watch another move and finish the hat or read. I'm totally undecided at the moment.

I am grateful for spring showers.

I appreciate my husband who just had this great idea for another Peace Pole.

I appreciate lazy days and movies.

I am constantly amazed and grateful at the multitude of blessings I experience every day.

Love to all..