April 8th, 2015


An Odd Day

My day began at midnight I think, small wonder that it was odd. I had fallen asleep in my chair and woke up at 12, wide awake. Oh boy, I love being wide awake at midnight...not. I decided to read for a while hoping that I would fall back asleep. I fell in and out of wakefulness till 6:30 when I decided I might as well get out of bed and drink my morning tea. It didn't feel like morning. A thunder storm was gathering on the horizon and the skies were quite dark. Once the rain came, I went back to bed hoping those missing zzzzz's were in my future. I tossed about and stayed in bed till noon arising still feeling unrefreshed and by now totally out of sync with my regular routine as well.

The atmosphere was heavy all day and so was my head. I did a bit of knitting and finished a book and got a rump roast in the oven for dinner. There was a brief period of sketchy sunlight during which I slogged around the yard looking at the gardens and pulling a few weeds. More clouds rolled in, the kids showed up for dinner and just after they left we got another thunderstorm, thankfully no wind, and no hail.

And now it's a bit after 9 and I'm still awake having finally come to full consciousness. Husband is off playing pool and it's very quiet here, nice, just the sound of the spring peepers. Got a little more done on the peace pole, it's coming along nicely. If it rains as is predicted again tomorrow, I may do more lettering.

Tomorrow is Anah's 12th birthday and I have her presents to wrap. I put that off till the last minute as I am a pretty lousy present wrapper and I don't enjoy it much. She has a field trip to St. Louis tomorrow as well which is an extra present as they are going to The City Museum, not a museum really..hard to describe..a link can do that so much better than I though I have been there.http://www.citymuseum.org/.

I am thinking good weather thoughts for their trip as some of the "museum" is outside and rain would spoil that. Of course, most of all, I just want them all to be safe and have a marvelous time.

I think I'll see if Netflix has anything that interests me that I haven't already seen, might be a good night for a British mystery.

I appreciate thunderstorms and rain.

I am grateful for my good healthy and that of my family.

I am grateful for tiny sprouting veggies.