April 6th, 2015



Gdaughter Anah stayed with me Thursday through Sunday. She will be 12 this week. Actually volunteered to wash dishes, I was grateful and surprised. Anah is now taller than I am. I think I'm about 4 ft 4 1/2 in. She's growing up and I am shrinking.. now 5 ft. 7 in. for her. I look up to most of my grandchildren.. they are all much taller than me. I enjoyed her visit very much, though I did tire of "The Wonder Years," her current fave sitcom.

Oldest daughter pulled her camper in about 8:30 on Saturday evening and everything went smoothly with all of that. She found out today that she will close on the new place on Wednsday at 2:30. She vows that she will sleep in her new home that night even if all she has is a mattress, not doubt she will as she is a very determined woman.

Joe and my sil built the new raised bed on Sunday afternoon and it is totally perfect, just the right height that I don't have to bend over to plant or cultiveate or harvest. My gardening days are not over yet. Planted swiss chard, collards, cilantro, two kinds of lettuce, dinosaur kale, curly blue kale and beets in the new bed. Rain expected tonight hopefully followed by some warm days to bring those seeds to life.

Busyness has included beginning my first "Peace Pole"... http://www.peacepoleproject.org/ My friend, Nikki, shared this idea with me and I got excited and inspired and got going on one right away. I am liking most of what I have done so far and grateful that I have been able to sit and paint for a couple of hours without pain..No sure if I will keep the Arabic as it is or do it over as I am not quite satisfied with it. Have some flat brushes coming tomorrow and I think they may work better. Haven't painted in a long time so my supplies are low. NO white paint, got to get some of that for sure.

I think that if the city government would allow a few of these poles in the park, perhaps in the meditation garden, it would be awesome. Maybe if I just make one and then donate it, they would find a place for it :)

Taking some time out from painting to finish a dishcloth and maybe read a little, but I sure do want to get back to that pole project.

“Don't be satisfied with stories, how things have gone with others. Unfold your own myth.”
― Rumi, The Essential Rumi