March 31st, 2015


Instead of knitting club

For quite a few years each and every Tuesday morning, barring illness, natural disasters etc. I went to our local library for a knitting group, dubbed "Hooks, Yarns, and Thinkers." So, now that I'm not going to knitting club any more I am doing other things on Tuesday mornings. Upon arising I was awfully sore from working outside yesterday and a tad bit on the grumpy side, even though enormously pleased with the progress I made. But I had several things on my I want to do list.

I decided to make the Hot and Sour Slaw recipe that I had planned to do yesterday. The experience was a quick flash back to why I don't do a lot of complicated veggie dishes, oh the cutting, the slicing, dicing and grating. It took an hour to get everything ready to cook. At this this point, I'm really hoping that I love this stuff. Thought I had the 3 TBS of soy sauce needed for the dressing.. but oops, last night Anah had used quite a bit on her rice. So off the store I went and to the hardware store planning to purchase some lettuce seed and some sheetrock mud. I came home with the lettuce seed and a pot of pansies. They are quite beautiful. That sheetrock mending project is just not getting off the ground for me. The slaw is good, not awesomely so, but pretty good. Husband seemed to like it. Definitely a lot of fiber lol..

I planted Black Seeded Simpson and a green Romaine in the areas that have not yet sprouted.

Tried to take a picture of the hyacinths because they are exceptionally beautiful and smell wonderful too. I love it that they were covered with honeybees. There are always such dire predictions about the honeybees that everytime I see some around here I get excited.

There's a holdup on my oldest daughter ability to close on her new property and the people who bought her house are wanting to move in right away so it looks as if she will be putting her travel travel out here on the farm. HOpefully it will fit on the old garage pad. If not, we got the driveway graveled today and it can be parked there. Totally grateful and quite excited about the gravel in the driveway. It had been woefully neglected and was very muddy when it rained. Looks great now.

Tomorrow is lunch with my dear old friends. We always have a riotously good time.

I am grateful for all the sprouts in the gardens.

I appreciate this sunny day and its sweet soft breezes.

I am grateful for my husband and all the work he does to maintain this homestead.

I appreciate the gravel in the driveway and my youngest daughter for getting it all set up.

Be Blessed...