March 18th, 2015



Didn't make it to Nikki's for rainbow cake. Was all ready to go and started itching, then more itching and I realized that I was breaking out in hives. Took a Benadryl and that calmed them down some, but didn't feel like getting out. I'm reasonably certain they were a stress reaction as I've had them before and I did work awfully hard most of the day.

Today, however, was quite lovely and my friends arrived about noon. We ate heartily and did a bit of singing along with "Pandora." Time passed quickly. My friend, Ingrid, works at the local historical society as a volunteer. A number of years ago I was exploring the attic of a house that a friend had purchased and discovered several letters and a number of what appear to be notes passed when friends in school. Some of them are dated 1920... almost a hundred years old. Today I was able to pass them on to Ingrid for donation to the historical society museum. I did keep a couple of pencil sketches of girls in bathing suits, quite well done. Too lazy to scan them tonight but I'd like to stick them in this journal some day.

The weather has turned chill again, and today it sleeted for a while. On the last warm day I discovered that some red romaine had sprouted and a few radishes both located in the concrete block raised bed that used to be in the greenhouse. We planted the seeds a bit earlier this year, usually plant lettuce on Valentine's Day, but the weather was really great the week before thus the early planting. There's a bit of a drizzle out tonight, would be great to have a soft rain.

Youngest daughter picked up the two hats I have made for her friend with cancer. I finally finished the one that was such a challenge and it turned out nicely. Forgot to take a picture of those hats. Working on a third hat, a new pattern, just about ready for the decreases. Perhaps I'll see if I can finish it while watching some Criminal Minds.

I appreciate my husband a great deal today. Without his help I would never have been able to get today's luncheon put together. He's turned into a great helper. I appreciate my home, good friends, good food and a warm soft bed to crawl into.

Dream a little...