March 17th, 2015


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Lunch with old friends tomorrow. Getting as much of the cooking out of the way today as I can. Feeling good that it's just 10ish and the refried beans are done as well as the Nexican rice, chicken cooking for the enchiladas and almost ready to make the sauce for the enchiladas. Grateful to find two qts of frozen tomatoes. That may be the last of those, but I have a few jars left of the ones I oven canned. The tomatoes were blighted and I didn't put up as many as usual. I'll miss them.

Most appreciative to my dear old husband who made one of his fabulous cheesecakes for tomorrow's get together.

Kids home from San Diego last evening, good to have them home safe and sound. They had a great time.

My 20 minute walk of yesterday has made me quite sore. A nice soak in the tub would be optimal, but still have cooking to do. Must cook that roast I took out of the freezer on Sunday so that can be Anahs dinner. And want to make some sort of strawberry glaze for the cheesecake. We've been invited to Nikki's for more food about 6.
What a bounty of food for the next few days, much appreciated..a Thank you Universe!

Be well and enJOY your dinner:)