March 15th, 2015


since Thursday

I've been incredibly busy at least that's how I feel cause I'm feeling tired. Daughter #2 did indeed come with her daughter. They arrived on Thursday evening and stayed till about 1 today. Most of the time things were pretty low-key, daughter read, I knitted and gdaughter was working on some embroidery. Friday evening we went to a local buffet for dinner, they have some pretty awesome fried chicken and Friday's are catfish night. I was blown away by how many folks were there.. whoa. There was a line extending outside of people waiting to be seated. Once we were inside, it was like running into a wall of sound. Not much ambience in evidence. I'd never been there on a "catfish" night before, and doubt that I ever will be again hah.. but it is apparently "the" place to eat on Friday evenings in the rural area where we live. Crazy and chaotic. But, the catfish is good.

On Saturday, Jade, daughter of daughter #3, opted to come out here to the farm and play with Lainey rather than go on an extended bike ride with her parents. So, the energy got turned up a notch. The weather has been incredibly lovely and warm for March and the girls played outside. Even did some raking. I do love to see them out there and not spending time with their noses stuck to screen. After dark, they got into some artwork and, of course, could not be parted and Jade spent the night. Lainey's mom even gave up the bed to them and slept on the couch. I offered to share my bed with her, but I do snore so the couch was probably quieter.

Joe bbq'd chicken yesterday, our first this year and it was yummy. I appreciate that grilling season is upon us. Temps look for the next 10 days, but not much rain in the forecast. I did go ahead and plant some kale and a 3 different varities of carrots (Danvers Half Long, Chantenay, Parisienne)..all leftovers from last year so hope they sprout. Ran out of room in that raised bed so didn't get any of the yellow ones (Amarillo) planted. I will have room for them in another bed alongside the spinach but am waiting for a rainy day to plant there.

Have been receiving some nice shots of the San Diego area where another daughter is vacationing. Lovely, but she says it smells horrid in all the place where the seals congregate. Today they went to the zoo, and then tomorrow they come home. Thinking of them reminds me that I have not fed her cats today, must get over there and do that. Have missed them so will be most grateful and happy upon their return.

I've been having just an awful time finishing off my latest hat. The decrease rounds are driving me nuts, I keep dropping stitches. Definitely not a pattern, I'll use again though it is turning out to be a pretty hat, it's a PITA and I prefer my knitting time to be relaxing.

Ok.. off to feed cats..