March 9th, 2015


Changes in Attitude

Did not sleep well last night, from about midnight on I was restless and looked at the clock nearly every hour, finally about 5 had a panic attack which got me out of bed...followed by some heart palpitations and more panic.. egads I really do detest being so freaked out and for absolutely no reason. I must not have learned whatever lesson the danged things are bringing to me cause they keep coming back. *sigh*...Knowing that I had to do something to break the cycle, I washed dishes, went out side and sat in the sun, and finally went to the park and took a walk near the lake. Thus, by about noon I was again reasonably sane and grateful to be that way.

Did 15 minutes today...yesterday walked down the main street of the little town in which I grew up. Not much left downtown but the sidewalk is nice and level. I was thinking that my husband was keeping track of the time as I really wanted to do ten minutes, but he was not so we ended up at 20 minutes, but the extra time seemed to cause little discomfort in my back. I did come home and put ice on the "bad spot", then some heat, maybe that helped? The weather is supposed to remain warmish so would like to do 15 each day and then maybe bump it up again next week. The lake is still covered in ice but the trail is very nice and the park is rather amazing for such a small town.

Having earned a rest imho, I cast on a dishcloth for daughter #2 who is coming for a visit and to take me out to lunch tomorrow. Finished it this evening. Could not find my size 7 straight needles and so used a metal circular. Must locate those other needles as the metal made my hands sore.

The early crocus are just jumping up all over and are very pretty this year, they seem brighter. IMG_20150309_152155

Got the donation items to the post office today and was pleasantly surprised to find that I had knitted 15 hats and hope they will be of benefit to someone with a cold head.

I think I'll go to bed and read for while before I get a much deserved good night's rest.

Sweet dreams Y'all