March 7th, 2015


Manual For Aging

As I was looking for something else, I don't remember what now, I stumbled upon this site:

I was instantly reminded of some conversations here on LJ where we discussed the need for a manual on what to expect as one ages. While I haven't totally explored this site, it does seem to address many of the issues of aging so I thought I'd stick it up here in case any one else might want to have a look.

There's even a list of "elder bloggers" which might be interesting and it appears that you can your own blog to the list. I don't think I'm ready for that, but do think I will check out some of the bloggers who are listed there, perhaps I will learn something wonderful and new and even helpful on this my journey to the end

signs of Spring

Just a few graphics of the Farm. I was amazed and delighted to see that some of the succulents that I left out for the winter have survived..
stonecrop and an unknown native succulent


Dragon's Blood Sedum, more of the native plants and maybe some stonecrop


still icy in spots


from a distance