February 14th, 2015


New Tennis Shoes May Not be Enough

So the good doctor told  me that I would benefit from more exercise.  No surprise.  I've been doing various forms of exercise since I was in my 30's.  I know exercise is good for me and you. I want to exercise more.  Thus, I treated myself to a new pair of tennis shoes.  My old ones are quite worn and pretty ugly. I'm thinking that a new pair of cute, comfortable tennis shoes with good arch support wll inspire me to get out there and walk.
new tennis shoes

The shoes worked for a while.  I drove out to the local community college where there is an indoor track, it's too danged cold to be walking around outside. I walked around the track twice, not sure how far it was but about 15 minutes timewise.  My back started to hurt so I figured it was time to stop.  Came home, cooked dinner and by then I was really in pain.  Since then heating pad has become my new best friend.  I've also been taking some long hot baths and I'd nap if I could fall asleep.

My spine has been deteriorating for years and since I had an Sacoiliac injury last August, it's been much worse.  Every time I feel good, I do too much.  I get excited and think I can still bend over .. OOPS.. no I can't bend over.

I loathe pain meds and NSAID's don't help so I've got a variety of topical ointments that give temporary relief.

Managed to get to the Middle School Science Fair yesterday evening and am very proud and happy to report that my granddaughter Anah's project was selected for Regional Competition.  She compare the efficacy of natural antibiotics (oregano oil) and chemical ones.. (amoxocillan).

The tennis shoes may not be enough....I see a cane in my future.  Simply must get back to baseline at least as I have a two day spa vacation with daughter #2 and one of her friends coming up next Thursday.   I intend to have a good time.  Dammit I do!