February 4th, 2015


Sisters for lunch

Friends coming for lunch today, no doubt will have more to say about that later. Just very happy that the 3 of us are getting together regularly again. Had been nearly 15 years since we had done that, we drifted apart. One got a job and had a couple more kids. We only saw each other on mostly tragic occasions and then last Halloween I called them both. Halloween had always been a big holiday for us especially since we owned a costume rental business together, sisters and I discovered we were all rather isolated and lonely. We need each other in our lives again. And thus we've started having lunch together every other week. This week it's my turn to fix lunch. Made a Bavarian Apple Torte last night which is now nicely chilled, a bit of tidying up to do and getting the main dish into the oven and I'm ready for some fun! Expecting a bit of snow but Nikki said it would take a blizzard to keep her away so I'm quite certain they'll get here.