February 3rd, 2015


Need an Underdog Super Energy Pill

I think I must have slept too much cause I can't seem to get going this morning.  After having my granddaughter for four days I was really weary last night and laid down and oops fell asleep way early and managed to stay asleep till 5. So need some energy as I have friends coming for lunch tomorrow and there's a bit of house tidying up to see to as well as getting groceries for lunch.  I'm thinking I'll make this dish of baked chicken thighs with cream sauce and sundried tomatoes.  Maybe rice? Maybe salad? See, I'm totally waffling on this thing.  But, I'll come up with something.  And, oh my the sun has come out, there's the ticket to more energy! Very bright reflecting off the snow, but it will warm up the living room as it shines through all the south windows. Lots of birds at the feeders today, especially cardinals.  I do love their bright redness against the white of the snow.  Think I need to remind husband to get a new bag of birdseed as we are nearly out and more snow in the forecast for tomorrow.