February 2nd, 2015


Figuring it out

So I'm trying to figure out all the things I don't understand about this LJ app. I've forgotten everything I ever knew about stuff like LJ cuts, picture sizes...but somehow I have managed to add a friend. Thanks to earthmother45 for accepting me and friending me back. All but two of my old friends from when I posted regularly have gone away but so happy to see lanternlady and zenbaker are still here. Hopefully I will hang around long enough to meet new friends.

Icy roads mean no school today so I get an extra day with my granddaughter, Anah. hooray. I do suppose this means I'll be watching more episodes of " Parks and Recreation " which is her favorite sitcom of the moment.

Current Photo

I am not planning to write twice a day, but since it's been so long since I've posted I thought I'd add a current photo and play around with the LJ cut thing, have switched from IPad and the app to my laptop and it looks much more like the old LJ format so maybe I'll do a better job with that. Collapse )