rosegardenfae (rosegardenfae) wrote,

Kitchen Closure is Close

Woke this a.m. to a dense fog. The pond was invisible and everything was dripping, nice sounds. Had my usual toast and Earl Grey before organizing the closet in the guest bedroom. For the umpteenth time I wondered why I don't sell or give away my Tarot card collection. I don't even fondle them anymore. But, it would be such a tremendous effort to even catalog them, I'd rather leave that to my heirs. Glad to get them into some boxes, the closet looks more tidy. For the last time, the contractor and crew came. All the grout is done and looks really nice. I love the simplicity of the subway tile and the cork floor is warm and inviting. Final touches are the new pellet stove and two of my daughters bought me a new fridge.They thought they were being sneaky about it, but in the end took me to Lowe's to pick out the one I wanted. Great girls, grown into wonderful women.

I had really given up dreaming of a redo on the kitchen, and am still kind of dazed that it actually happened.A great reminder that The Universe supports and upholds me...
Tags: gratitude, kitchen remodel

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