March 31st, 2009


I'm Gonna Post Again

I will post again.. I will write about my fabulous trip to Mexico.. I will do all these things when the computer situation is sorted out again.. Right now I am working from my laptop and all of my pictures are on the other computer.. and it , well it isn't feeling all that well today..

Today I'm cleaning house and I'm grateful that I've got one to clean.

I am enjoying looking outside at the daffodils in bloom and dreaming of the nice warm days ahead when I can get out there and get things in shape.

I love my granddaughters a whole lot and was vastly amused when this morning Lainey's mom took away cartoon privileges and Lainey told her mom that her life was ruined.. ah from the mouths of babes huh?  Can't wait till that one grows up:)

Yesterday I got out and went to the library for a knitting class which was most enjoyable and have ordered some new patterns and yarn and am going to try to knit some socks.. my interest in jewelry making seems to be waning right now.. so it's time for something different.

I have developed an addiction for word games on Facebook which is certainly more positive than some of my former addictions have been..

And now I've rambled on quite enough for the moment..

Till later then.. may your life be blessed and full of pleasure..