December 15th, 2008


Frickin Computers

The word for today is backup.  My computer crashed last week and I lost way too much data.  I do appreciate having a backup disc that brought me up to Sept of this year on my pictures.  Right now it looks like I may have lost my slideshow program and all of the slideshows of my grandchildren for some years back.  I am not, however giving up on them and plan to find some place to send my E-drive off and see if it can be restored.  My stressed CNS overreacted and I've been in several meltdown/tailspins over it, so I thought I'd air out my brain here and see it if helps clear up the dreadful sense of loss and frustration I've been feeling.

My husband relocated all my programs and pics to the E-drive, and who would have thought that it would eat everything as it did.  I'm sure he didn't!

So, I don't trust this computer as I once did and have put little to no effort into rebuilding it into the machine I loved for so long. 

It seems to me that the Universe is telling me to wipe my slate clean and so I'm trying NOT to be upset about all the things I've missed.

I appreciate that I still have the people if not the pics.
I am grateful that I have a laptop.
I am grateful for having a sympathetic understanding spouse.
I appreciate my own particular vulnerability at this time in my life and intend to treat myself a whole lot more gently.
I appreciate knowing that it's possible to retrieve the missing data and to have sufficent funds to do so.

Love and happiness to all..