December 12th, 2008


I So Want Some Relief

Apparently after about two weeks of being done taking those damnable yellow pills many people experience a strong spike in symptoms.. and I seem to be one of those people.  It's no cakewalk getting off these drugs and I certainly hope that anyone who reads this will never ever consider taking either antidpressants or tranquilizers.. esp.  benzodiazapenes such as xanax, valium, and ativan.  Let me tell you my symptoms are bad enough, but really nothing compared to many of the stories I have read. DO NOT believe a doctor who tells you that if you had diabetes you would medicate yourself and tries to use that as validation of head meds.  I am so spazzed out today that I can hardly type and if this post is disjointed chalk it up to the fog my head is currently encased in.

On top of that my computer crashed, I lost many many things , I broke my new jewelry making lamp, and yesterday I tried making a bracelet and it fell apart twice. 

So, my attempts at being positive are difficult to come by today, and I so need some relief from anxiety, dizziness, muscle spasms, and heart palpitations that are plaguing me of late.

So I'm turning to appreciation to see if that helps me out.. got to get to feeling like getting my monthly massage, just got to!!

I appreciate finding a backup disc that had my pics on it through Sept 08.. all is not lost!

I am grateful that my husband is driving me to my massage.

I appreciate getting the computer running again.

I appreciate being able to rest when I need to.

I appreciate being able to read last night.

I appreciate the support of my friends and family.

Ok.. off to the living room to see if I can stretch out the kinks..

Sorry to come here and whine.. but I do feel better already..

I love me some gratitude..