December 2nd, 2008



Yes indeed I took my last little dose on Sunday and now I am done with the taper and moving on toward total recovery.  Thought I've read that it takes a year or more to fully regain one's health, I don't intend for it to take that long for me.  After all each of us is different physiologically and psychologically and I know how to set intentions and work with LOA and I know that my body is a wonderful machine totally capable of healing anything and everything.

Earlier this morning I got a bit upset because I couldn't find any mixing bowls at any of the stores in town.  I knew that they no doubt had some at the local walmart, but I loathe that store and the last time I was in there experienced a major meltdown.  So, I came home from town feeling low and angry with myself that I didn't feel up to visiting "the wal"..

But, after a bit of working on meself and me attitude, I discovered that I was feeling much better.  Feeling so good, in fact, that I got in my Jeep, put in a reggae tape and went to "the wal" and came back with some lovely mixing bowls for my daughter's birthday.  Amazing how this simple thing has boosted my self confidence and helped me to see that I am healing and that I will be able to do thing again.  So, it's down with self doubt and onward to healing and taking back my life.

Today I am grateful that I took a step forward.

I appreciate that my husband understood my need to reestablish my autonomy and let me go alone.

I am very happy to have let go of my dependence on drugs and can see that the future is opening up before me with bright colors.

And I'm glad that when I got lost in the damn store I found some yarn to knit some more dishcloths lolo..

Love to all,

May blessings find you today and every day!

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