November 28th, 2008


The Day After

We had an extremely succesful Turkey Day yesterday.  Everyone made it on time, no one got pissed off and only one of the little ones cried, after getting hit in the ear by a flying book thrown by a young cousin :)  And now to try this format that is being used by some of my friends:

Today's Intentions:

I intend to retain the after glow of a successful holiday.
I intend to enjoy feeling good and calm and serene.
I intend to seriously rest.

I am grateful for:

My husband who has gone off to snatch up bargain bird food.
Having no mess left to clean up today.
Getting together with my brother and his wife.
My wonderful large loving family.
The new laptop which allows me to sit in my recliner and post!

Yesterday's Successes:

Getting through the whole day with no panic attacks.
My brother and his wife showing up and on time!
Happy children enjoying the company of their many cousins.
A wonderful night's sleep.

To do today:

Watch DVD's.

Nice little format.  I like it.. and appreciate my LJ friends for once again coming through and showing me something very cool.


Wishing you all a happy day after!