November 20th, 2008


Woohoo Can Post Today

I was all set to write this marvelous post  yesterday and darned if LJ didn't let me down and wouldn't let me write a thing, so I just decided it was not meant to be and moved on.

Temperatures are falling here today and it will be in the teens by tomorrow morning.. grateful that we have plenty of wood for ye old stove, and that the sun is shining and the passive solar will kick in too!

Bird feeders are filled, bulbs that I got on sale were planted yesterday so I'm ready to hunker down and stay warm in the house.

Tried my hand at needle felting and made a cute little mouse that delighted my granddaughter so may work on a dog today.

I've been having great success working with affirmations of late.. especially fond of "all is well".. and "I am healing every day".. and another one that was passed on from a great friend, -  "my cells are screaming their desire for health and the Universe answers."  I get a big kick out of thinking of my screaming cells LOL

Possibly taking my granddaughter to story hour at the library this evening, depends on her mood. She is rather a stay at home girl and may not want to get out in the chilly weather after she gets home from school.  Either way it goes is fine with me:)

Today I am grateful as always for the birds outside my window.  They bring me endless pleasure and delight as I watch their antics at the feeder.

I appreciate the return of my creative energies.

I love the library and the wonderful services it offers as well as the many great books I check out from there.

I appreciate yesterday's accomplishment in the way of housekeeping, my daughter's invitation to dinner, and sitting on the couch with Anah watching "Cinderella".. what a lovely loving evening I had.

May each of you be blessed today with dreams fulfilled and exciting new adventures.

Love to all,